According to the latest world trends.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Dubai  14-17 May/21-24 may
ABU DHABI  19,20,26,27 MAY



World champions and experienced NHL and KHL players.


Pavlikovsky Hockey School Dubai

I liked the camp very much. The coaches were great and smily, although they made us work hard both on ice and on sand.

Leo Nadelwais


intensive pro hockey camps

Dubai - may 14-17 & may 21-24 2017  

ABU DHABI - MAY 19,20,26,27  2017  


may 14 - 17:    Goalies+tykes/novices                                                                                                                  

May 21 - 24:   atoms/peewees/bantams/midgets 

Camp schedule:

Sunday:          5:00-6:00pm OFF-ICE + 6:30-8:00pm ICE 

Monday:         5:00-6:00pm OFF-ICE + 6:30-8:00pm ICE

Tuesday:        5:00-6:00pm OFF-ICE + 6:30-8:00pm ICE

Wednesday:   5:00-6:00pm OFF-ICE + 6:30-8:00pm ICE 



MAY 19,20,26,27 - 2 WEEKEND CAMP

Camp schedule:

Friday 19th:        8:30-10:00am ICE         10:30-11:30am OFF ICE 

Saturday 20th:   4:00-5:00pm OFF ICE    5:30-7:00pm ICE

Friday 26th:        8:30-10:00am ICE         10:30-11:30am OFF ICE 

Saturday 27th:   4:00-5:00pm OFF ICE    5:30-7:00pm ICE   


  • 10 hours total of professional ice hockey training - 6 Hours Ice Training, 4 Hours Dry-land Training, Individual Assessment On-ice trainings with NHL players and the world champions
  • Off-ice trainings under the leadership of the world champions and former NHL players
  • Energy snacks for players between the training sessions
  • Chat session with the world champions and former NHL players
  • Autograph signings and photo session with the world class hockey players
  • Trainings early evening during the week days

Camp fee:  1 player 1900 dhs / sibling 1100 dhs

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News and events


Rasti Pavlikovsky joined the game Canada vs.Team Europe at the World Cup Of Hockey 2016 in TORONTO and also pre-season game Chicago vs. Pittsburgh at United Center in CHICAGO. 


 Its always the pleasure to fly with Emirates Airlines... Our coaches on the way to Dubai for another great camp.

Nice hats, but yellow one is still the best  ✈️ 

Marian Hossa's personal trainer will join our September camp in Dubai!

 Great addition to our coaching staff! We hire the coach BRANO KVETAN for our September camp in Dubai. Brano is the personal summer coach of MARIAN HOSSA, 3 x Stanley Cup winner with Chicago Blackhawks. They follow the Blackhawks summer training plan on and off the ice, so Brano will bring the newest trends in ice hockey training to our camps. MARIAN GABORIK (Stanley Cup winner with LA Kings), TOMAS TATAR (Detroit Red Wings) and our coaches ANDY NEDOROST, MARCEL HOSSA & RASTI PAVLIKOVSKY also attended his trainings. 

Lubomir Visnovsky's retirement game

Great Lubomir Visnovsky's retirement exhibition game - sold out arena in Bratislava, Slovakia. Many of Lubo's friends - NHL players and the world champions participated, such as Zdeno Chara, Marian Hossa, Marcel Hossa, Marian Gaborik, Peter Bondra, Miroslav Satan, Zigmund Palffy, Richard Lintner, Tomas Tatar, Tomas Kopecky, Peter Budaj, Rasti Pavlikovsky, Jozef Stumpel, Martin Strbak, Andrej Meszaros, Michal Handzus and others....
Congratulations to Lubo Visnovsky to his great career and the best of luck in the future! 

 August 15th, 2016

Golf-cup High Tatras

9th Annual Charity Golf Cup in High Tatras, Slovakia. Its so nice to see
the guys even after the great hockey careers they still stick together...
From the left: Lubomir Visnovsky, Robert Petrovicky, Ronald Petrovicky, Richard Lintner, Miroslav Satan, Peter Bondra,
Radoslav Suchy, Rastislav Pavlikovsky 

August 9th, 2016

Charity event

Today Rasti Pavlikovsky participated in the great charity event at Tomas
Tatar's gym - FitFabrik. Kids were very happy and proud of the Slovak
hockey legends. Top/left: Tomas Kopecky, Branko Radivojevic, Marian Hossa, Marian Gaborik, Marcel Hossa, Dominik Granak, Michal Hlinka.
Bottom/left: Andrej Meszaros, Zdeno Chara, Rasti Pavlikovsky, Tomas Tatar, Martin Reway, Richard Lintner

July 31th, 2016


Richard Lintner, Marian Hossa, Rasti Pavlikovsky - buddys AM golfing at
Marian Hossa's new golf course in Trencin, Slovakia... Life is good 

July 30th, 2016

Blackhawks Convention

Our coach Rasti Pavlikovsky was invited to the 9th Annual Chicago
Blackhawks Convention. Now on the way home together with Marian Hossa,
they've had a great weekend in Windy City, but now it's time to get back
to work and organize our September camps in Dubai and maybe also in Abu
Dhabi.... See you there!

July 19th, 2016

Friday night bowling fun

Our coaches Marcel Hossa and Rasti Pavlikovsky in action together with
NHL stars Marian Hossa (Chicago Blackhawks), Marian Gaborik (LA Kings)
and Michal Krupa (scout Montreal Canadiens)
Rematch in Dubai....

July 2th, 2016

Easter and June Camp


April, June, 2016

Ice hockey school and family holidays in Dubai

Pavlikovsky Hockey School is the successful international ice hockey school, which helps the young ice hockey talents to progress in their career while fulfilling their dream - to be the leaders in the national teams and become the elite players in the NHL.

Family holiday

International ice hockey training camp in Dubai for the boys and girls from all over the world. For the family members and friends the beautiful beach vacation. The boys at our hockey school learn good ice hockey habits, but also make new friends from all over the world.  


All our coaches are former NHL players, but also have extensive experience in the Russian KHL, Swedish SHL, Finnish Liiga, Swiss NLA, Slovak Tipsport Liga and the Czech Extraliga. Out coaches speak English, Slovak and Russian language .

Training methods

Modern training schedule just like in the NHL training camp.  Our daily training plan includes on-ice and off-ice trainings according to the latest world trends. 



All our coaches are former NHL players, but they also have extensive experience from Russian KHL, Swedish SHL, Finnish Liiga, Swiss NLA, Slovak Tipsport Liga, Czech Extraliga and also from the Olympic Games, World  Cups or World Championships.

Marcel Hossa

Montreal Canadiens
New York Rangers
Phoenix Coyotes
Top Scorer KHL 2010
3 x All-star Game KHL
3 x Olympic Games

Robert Petrovicky

Hartford Whalers
Dallas Stars
St. Louis Blues
Tampa Bay Lightning
New York Islanders
Czechoslovak Extraliga Champion +
Playoff MVP
World Champion 2002
3 x Olympic Games

Jan Lasak

Nashville Predators
World Champion 2002
2 x Czech Extraliga Champion
MVP Czech Extraliga
WC gold-silver-bronze
2 x Olympic Games

Richard Lintner

Pittsburgh Penguins
Nashville Predators
New York Rangers
World Champion 2002
Olympic Games 2002

Andrej Nedorost

Head coach
Columbus Blue Jackets
3 x NHL training camp
World Championship 2001

Rastislav Pavlikovsky

6 x NHL training camp
2 x Tipsport Liga Champion
AHL Calder Cup Champion
Swiss NLA Champion
World Champion 2002
Olympic Games 2002

Each training under the personal leadership of the NHL players and the world champions guarantees quality training schedule for young hockey players on-ice and off-ice. The boys and girls will gain invaluable experience and advices from NHL backstage, learn how the NHL players properly train, eat, study, behave with respect and other important things in the pro-hockey lifestyle.


References from our trainees.

  • Axel Risland #92

    First of all i would like to thank all the coaches for coming to Dubai and setting up this amazing hockey camp!

    I have participated in lots of different camps through out my life and this one is by far one of the best.There were lots of different drills on ice and off ice. The coaches were always well prepared with new drills right after the other.

    They were very supportive and cheered you on all the time. My favorite drill on ice was when we were skating with the parachutes, I have learned so much from this camp and i would love to do it again!

    Hope to see you soon,

    In Dubai, April 9, 2016.

  • Eric Risland #99

    Thank you for the amazing hockey camp!

    Pavlikovsky hockey camp was really exciting because there was so many fun and challenging drills. I really enjoyed when we got to take penalties shots and race for the puck. After the ice sessions we went to dry land practice which was at the beach. At dry land we got to play football and trained different speed drills.The drill I enjoyed most was the "reaction ball!"

    All the coaches were really nice, and amazing at ice hockey. I learnt many new drills and i think i improved a lot.

    Hope you come back!!

  • Leo Nadelwais

    I liked the camp very much. The coaches were great and smily, although they made us work hard both on ice and on sand.

    I am looking forward to my next camp.

    In Dubai, April 10, 2016.

  • Petr Oleshko #13

    I really liked your camp, especially when we did a lot of shooting! my favorite part, is when we did breakaways, and shooting!

    I have enjoyed the camp, because we did lots of hard stuff (for example, skating backwards), and most of all, we did fun stuff, like playing a game (also, thanks for letting me be with Eric, in a game:))!

    I also would like to thank the coaches, to set up all things on the ice, and on dryland! I also hope that there will be a lot more players, than the first camp!

    Hope to see you again!

  • Fedor Vorobey #49

    This hockey camp was a real fun and an intriguing experience. During the camp I was engaged and involved in every single practice we had on Ice and off Ice. The coaches were amazing and they were really fun to work with, although sometimes it was pretty challenging when doing new drills and using new equipment. When we did drills I'd never done before I would fail a couple of times and then get the hang of it, I really liked that the coaches were always organised and knew what drills to do to help us out.

    I have noticed a lot of progress in my self after participating in this camp especially in shooting and stick handling and by far I think that this camp was the best camp I have ever participated in. I really liked all the drills that we did on the ice and even off ice but one of my favorite drills was the drill where we had to skate around 3/4 of the Ice with 2 parachutes attached to our backs.

    Thank you for such an amazing experience,

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